Conversion into Energy Closed Fireplace Featured

We fully upgrade your conventional fireplace made either from firebrick or  cast iron, into energy closed fireplace.

The conversion involves placing insert/ hearth inside your existing fireplace, the connection of the new outbreak with stainless steel elements to the existing chimney,
insulation - sealing of the connection to avoid cathode currents as well as the opening or widening of the hole from the external surrounding for the proper functioning. This way it takes in fresh air and not the air inside the house as the classic air conditions function. Thus we achieve a pleasant atmosphere which does not dry our inhalation.

This conversion allows someone to enjoy all the features of an energy outbreak without the cost of construction of an energy fireplace from scratch.

Important information especially for housewives: At the end of the conversion will not find any dust!
We handle everything about the process of recommendations and material planning up to installation of specialized teams.

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